AssureBridge SSOExchange™ is the ideal solution for secure Cloud integration of ECM and Web 2.0 Collaboration platforms, such as Alfresco Document Management, Web Content Management, and Alfresco Share.   SSOExchange™ supports using Alfresco as a launching point to other applications (Identity Provider) or sign-in from existing web sites to the Alfresco Site (Service Provider).

Simple adapters make integration quick and easy allowing identity and other attributes such as user ID, email, first name, last name, membership level, etc., to be securely passed between Alfresco and your other web sites.

As a fully-managed service, AssureBridge SSOExchange™ completely shields your developers from the complexities of complex single sign-on protocols such as SAML, OpenId,  and WS-Federation.

Use the following links to learn more about how to easily and rapidly enable Alfresco products for the Cloud Single Sign-on:

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